Tack skogen! (ALM) (Thank you, forest! (ELM)), 2022, MADAM

MADAM’s work in cabinetmaking prioritises sustainability, an approach that requires them to constantly re-evaluate the many preconceived ideas they encounter in their everyday work. By focusing on high-quality craftsmanship, they challenge the prevailing industrial perspectives on wood, and bring historical structures to light.

As forestry began to be industrialised, the uniformity and predictability of the wood itself became more important. Because of this, norms were established to regulate what should be classified as “quality timber”. This standardisation was used to identify “good” or “approved” timber, which could be sold on growing markets. These industrial forestry norms have led to a uniform appearance of commercial lumber and wooden furniture that fails to accurately reflect the varied, rich life that actual forests produce. In Tack skogen!, MADAM has chosen to work with wood that had been classified as defective. They invite us to broaden our visual experiences of wood, and thus revealing the many differences and traces of life it can present.


MADAM is a crafts collaboration between cabinetmaker Marie Carlsson and furniture restorer Magdalena Marano. They work out of a roadside barn in the Sankt Anna archipelago, and the local area plays an important role in their practice.