Norrbottens Föreningsarkiv

Seskaröspelen, Norrbotten’s association archive

Norrbottens Föreningsarkiv, Norrbotten’s association archive, was founded in 1965, then called Folkrörelsernas arkiv i Norrbotten. The archive holds materials dating back to the 19th century, and works to document and preserve the histories of various associations that have been active in the region.

Among the documents held are materials from the Seskaröspelen association, which organised workers’ theatre productions on Seskarö island. Archival material from this association’s work will be shown, and thus engage in a historical dialogue with the contemporary production of the Post Worker Theatre, which will also be exhibited at the Luleå Biennial. The first, and perhaps most famous, of their productions was 1980’s Nöd bryter lag (“Necessity Breaks Law”), which told the story of the hunger riots on Seskarö in 1917.