About the Luleå Biennial

Luleåbiennalen (The Luleå Biennial) is an international art biennial taking place in the northernmost region of Sweden. Initiated in 1991 it is the oldest biennial in Scandinavia.

Initially led by the artisic group KILEN, the Luleå Biennial was taken over by Folkrörelsernas Konstfrämjande (The People’s Movement for Art Promotion) in 2018, with the aim to create a recurring art event which spread throughout all of Norrbotten – the northernmost region of Sweden. Since 2021, Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten, a district organization within Folkrörelsernas Konstfrämjande based in Norrbotten, is the head organizer of the biennial.
Previous Luleå biennials by Konstfrämjandet:
2020, Time on Earth, curated by Karin Bähler Lavér, Emily Fahlén and Asrin Haidari.
2018, Tidal Ground, curated by Emily Fahlén, Asrin Haidari and Thomas Hämén.