Doris Wiklund’s archive

Jean i hjortronskogen, (Jean in the Cloudberry Woods),1980, Doris Wiklund

We will pay attention to Doris Wiklund’s donations to Norrbottens Museum, with glimpses from her archive. Drop-in from 1.30 p.m. Warm welcome!

Doris Wiklund is from Kiruna, and has worked as a teacher in weaving, but also made many art works, for example for Kiruna Church. Not least, she has documented the textile heritage of Norrbotten and made it available to new generations of weavers.
When? Thursday 24rd November 14.00-15.00pm.
Where? Arkivcentrum, Höstvägen 7, Luleå
Drop-in from 1.30 p.m. Coffee will be served, warm welcome!