Ice Records

To coincide with the release of her new LP, Ice Records, artist and researcher Susan Schuppli will host a live listening event at Havremagasinet Länskonsthall.

Guests are welcome to focus their ears through a sonic exploration of the climate records captured in ice sheets and glaciers. Ice Records gathers material from Susan’s encounters with scientists, ecologists, activists, communities, and folksingers. From field recordings captured at various glacial sites by researchers in Canada, Svalbard, Norway, and India to a Ladakhi folksong about mountains, rivers, and streams, these tracks take listeners into the sonic worlds of ice.

Cold drinks will be served at the venue.

About the artist
Susan Schuppli is a researcher and artist based in the UK whose work examines material evidence from war and conflict to environmental disasters and climate change. She has published widely within the context of media and politics, and is author of the recent book Material Witness, which was published by MIT Press.

Ice Records by Susan Schuppli is a limited-edition vinyl LP commissioned and produced by BEK and pressed at Nordsø Records in Copenhagen, Denmark. Thank you to Peter Voss-Knude for valuable input in the process.