Official opening of the Luleå Biennial 2022

Christina Zetterlund & Onkar Kular, Artistic Directors of the Luleå Biennial 2022. Photo: Simon Eliasson

Welcome from Konstfrämjandet and the biennial’s curators Onkar Kular and Christina Zetterlund, where they will guide us through the principles which helped shape the biennial, followed by an opportunity to view the exhibition and artist talks at Art Center Luleå (Luleå Konsthall).

10.00 Doors open
10.30 Inauguration
10.30 Welcome speech by Hans Sundvall, Luleå Art Centre
10.32 Maria Ragnestam presents Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten
10.35 Ricky Sandberg, art consultant Norrbotten and co-founder of the Luleå Biennial, presents his experiences from working with the biennial and its origins.
10.40 Onkar Kular and Christina Zetterlund, curators of the Luleå Biennial 2022 – Craft & Art, presents their ideas for the 2022 biennial and talks about the three main themes: Snow and Ice, Extractivism and Crafting Beyond the Wastelands.
10.50 Emmelie Nybom, chari person for Luleå Municipality art and leisure department, inaugurates the exhibition.
Artist presentations
11.00 Karin Keisu & Josse Thuresson
11.10 Katarina Spik Skum
11.20 Katarina Pirak Sikku
11.30 MADAM

The venue is located inside Kulturens Hus.

Address: Skeppsbrogatan 17.