Opening of Duoji máttut – Vætnoen maadtoe – Duoje máddoinformation

Guksi (Cup), 2022, Tomas Magnusson

The Luleå Biennial is collaborating with Sameslöjdsstiftelsen Sámi Doudji on an exhibition that seeks to acknowledge duodji objects in themselves, as well as the ways that traditional Sami crafts relate to specific landscapes and contexts.

The exhibition Duoji máttut – Vætnoen maadtoe – Duoje máddoinformation at Sameslöjdstiftelsen Sámi Duodji was produced in collaboration with Tomas Magnusson and Julia Rensberg. Here, the objects are shown along with accounts of the processes through which they are created, which largely revolve around making use of the materials nature provides and the knowledge required to shape them. The exhibition has been designed to communicate a knowledge that, although held by many in Sami society, is far less common in other groups.
Sameslöjdstiftelsen Sámi Duodji was founded in 1993 by Svenska Samernas Riksförbund and the Same Ätnam national organisation. They work all over Sweden, and prioritise finding the best ways to preserve duodji, as well as providing knowledge of and helping develop the Sami cultural heritage.
Sameslöjdstiftelsen Sámi Duodji is accessible by car.
Address: Porjusvägen 4, 962 31 Jokkmokk
Image: Guksi (Cup), 2022, Tomas Magnusson