Organ concert in Jukkasjärvi church

Organ Concert from Jukkasjärvi with Robert Pauker

Very welcome to take part in a unique organ concert that took place on October 16th 2022 during the opening weekend of the Luleå Biennale. The concert will be screened here at the Luleå Bienniale website on Thursday 24/11 between 12.00-20.00.

For this organ, which was finished in 1997, Lars Levi Sunna designed a rich set of images with an abundance of meaningful details. The njiskun, or Sami weaving reed, has inspired the design of the music stand, which presents the notation as threads for the organist to use when weaving the music into existence.

When designing the organ’s stop tabs, which are operated to alter the sound of the organ, Sunna listened carefully to each register and designated a fitting symbol from the Sami visual idiom to each one.

This organ represents a comprehensive fusion of Sami and Christian imagery, resulting in a statement about the coexistence of these different worldviews that share such a complex history. On 24 November 2021, archbishop Antje Jackelén formally apologised to the Sami community on behalf of the Swedish Church, expressing regret for the church’s role in Sweden’s colonial history.